Withdrawals are brutal

The moment I plan to get back on track and use the food diary to record my food intake, guess what happens? The site is DOWN for maintenance. Seriously?

I could take this as a sign to skip it, but…

I won’t. I will wait it out.

Meanwhile, I will plan a yummy organic sandwich for lunch, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, havarti, sunflower sprouts, salt and pepper on whole grain bread with a BC peach on the side.

I have been struggling with food lately because I need to remove the sugar ONCE AGAIN from my diet. I splurged on cake over the wedding weeks and over indulged in wine. The withdrawal I experience from sugar overload is nasty. So why do I keep doing this to myself? Perhaps it is because I refuse to be on a diet and wish to not complicate my life during big events. That is not to say that I pigged out – because I did not. I maintained my weight graciously, I just chose food that has an addictive quality for me.


I think I have the emotional eating under control. I was faced with some unsettling news yesterday and handled it beautifully. That is a win for me. I need to celebrate that success! But how? Hmmm

I will go to my favourite 10k spot today and run with my new Ryders. I lost my old ones about a month ago and mom gave me money for my birthday to buy new ones. Oakleys would be a waste of money because I lose stuff ALL THE TIME. So Ryders are a great quality compromise. AND I look fabulous in them. AND it’s sunny out.

There you have it, I have become that girl who rewards herself with a long run.


Happy Running!