One Week of Mo

I stand before you with one week after the new Mo goals of 2017 were set.

So Robyn, how did you do?

Great! kinda…. sorta… but I am pretty happy about it.

Let’s recap, last week I set 3 goals for myself.

  1. Increase flexibility to be able to touch toes (again).
  2. Increase endurance by walking consistently.
  3. Strengthen core to improve posture.

My first goal to touch toes went pretty well. I was 6″ away from my toes on Monday. By Friday I was 3″ away. This impressed me. I thought progress wouldn’t be as quick and when I was doing some yoga poses with my legs outstretched, I was able to reach my toes one leg at a time by Friday. In a standing position it hasn’t happened yet. But so far I am pleased. I spend about 5 minutes every morning doing this.

The plan was for me to walk 30 minutes ever day after work with my dog and an hour on the weekend for a long walk. This did not happen. I have an excuse although its lame, It was -30 all week. Whatever, I’ll catch up. But I did go for a super long walk at Elk Island National Park! I saw a Bison and a wolf track. I trudged in a foot of snow. Next time I am renting snowshoes. If you want to hear about that adventure, visit here.

Strengthen my core. That was hard but I did it. The worst of it is getting off the floor but that too with add strength. I started with 20 crunches and 10 crunches on each side for a total of 40. By Friday I was easily doing 30, 15 and 15 for a total of 60. That takes me about 5 minutes in the morning as well. But then I am done and it quickly has become a habit. I forgot on Monday, but remembered Monday night. Then I jumped right in on Tuesday morning and boom – easy peasy.

My plan is to walk 30 minutes tomorrow, although my legs are pretty cranky today because the snow was deep. It was a large effort at Elk Island today. I also visit my Neurologist tomorrow and get my results from my last MRI. This is an event that I find very stressful. I am sure I will get good news but having an Acoustic Neuroma is stressful for me. People tell me to just stop worrying about it. ITs not that I worry, I am concerned. That is a big difference. I make sure I do all the right things because living a full life is important to me. Its not like you can just forget about it. I have symptoms that remind me everyday. I usually leave his office and cry for a bit in my car. The big stress relief. I do this even if its good news. I cannot help it so I just let it happen. No point fighting. Then I am able to move past it and focus on the goals and tasks at hand.

So Wish me luck!

Running in the River Valley with Coyotes and Mo #yeg

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up loving Wile E. Coyote best. Road Runner was a showoff. Besides, I always had a special place in my heart for Super Geniuses. My run today included a coyotes on the trail in Downtown Edmonton. No, they did not resemble the Warner Bros. icon. For the record, Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, and home to about a million people (including the GEA). So one may not expect wildlife that could eat you in the middle of the city.

Right through the center of Edmonton is a parks system the follows both sides North Saskatchewan River. It is larger than Central Park, however it is made up of many parks beside each other with recreation trails and bridges that connect each park. Today I had some errands to do and that had me in close proximity to Emily Murphy Park, just north of The University of Alberta.

What was I doing? Shopping for new shoes, sports bras and headbands! Since I cut my hair, I can’t get all my hair into a pony tail and it is the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER! I am growing it out for summer. $50 later in headbands (they saw me coming!), plus the other apparel  I was at the till. I had a coupon for 20% AND a $10 gift card AND my shoes were $50 off! WOOOHOOO! I came away with an arm load of awesomeness for $150. For a change, my shoes aren’t hideous colours. FINALLY a colour I like!016

Hopped into my car and headed for the park. Today was sunny and gorgeous so I wanted to run for a little bit. Homework was nagging me, so I knew I could only head off for under 30 minutes, but that is better then zero minutes.


If you squint you can see the river beyond the trees and the downtown core on the other side.

I figured I would head west because I knew the trails were groomed and the skiers have their own trail. I was hoping to have the place to myself, but saw 3 very friendly runners along the way. The secret wave of runners everywhere happened on this trail.


The snow was slightly spongy so it absorbed my momentum instead of pushing off. That made my legs feel heavy, but the air temperature was fantastic. Warm for me, cool for you at 30F. I ended up pulling off my light jacket and just ran in my shirt. It was too warm for both. What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I didn’t think I could ever be warm again and today it was perfect.

As I headed south around the Mayfair Golf Course, I came upon some rustling in the trees.


Then two coyotes appeared off to the side of the path – YIKES! I turned around and gave them plenty of space.

I didn’t take the time to snap a picture but I sourced one to show you what they look like


They aren’t as scary as wolves, but there were enough dogs around to get into a scrap so I figured it was a good time to head back and get some homework done.

It felt good being out there today. Some-days are like that. Everything feels great, and some-days you just push through. It’s days like this that I live for.

Happy Running!

Running through Millcreek Ravine #yeg

I had the chance to switch up my run this morning and try something new. I had never run over through Millcreek Ravine at Argyll Park. I was in the neighborhood running errands so I thought it was the perfect opportunity! Through the ravine I found there to be more hills, a bigger climbs than I am actually ready for, but the scenery was well worth it! I am coming back here, and often!



I started my run in the sports field, I had no idea where this path would take me, I figured it was just around the field by the trees, luckily for me, the view go better.



I was so surprised this ravine had groomed paths and bridges.



My fear of stairs became a reality. I’m here for a run, not to compete in the stair master challenge.



YAY, I don’t have to take the stairs! The path continued under the trestle!





Then look what I found! I ran for 2k along this beauty.



There were bridges and trestles all over this ravine. I was beginning to get worried about getting lost.



BOOOOO! I couldn’t follow the trail to the North Saskatchewan River, but I will be back this summer!



So I turned around and went back the way I came. Not lost this time. I think I found my favorite running spot. Thank you City of Edmonton for our beautiful parks. In the heart of the city and it feels like wilderness! Outside running is for me.

Where do you run most?