Body Image

Body Shapes Sketch for blogPart of the Mo Project has been about body image. Not losing weight or looking awesome – that is a massive benefit. More importantly loving how I look.

Starting out on this journey I learned pretty quickly that my emotions around body image had a lot to do with what ex-boyfriends and an ex-husband had to say about my flesh.From them,I heard comments about over weight gals sitting on airplanes and taking up more room than they paid for. I have learned about the horrors of seat extender seat belts and I have HAD a fake hug where it was actually and belly squeeze to see how much weight I was hold on to. I have heard stories about men ACTUALLY ‘losing their chubbie’ at the thought of sex with an over weight gal- sorry to be crude but CRIMENY! Why is it that some men can be just so shallow? Why is it the ones who have weight to lose themselves seem to think its okay to to discuss the flab on their gal or worse…the flab on gals who are NOT THEIR GIRL.

We all know that guy. We also know that guy learned that behavior from somewhere.

After my run on Sunday I saw my photo with the medal around my neck and I was shocked. I have not stepped on a scale in over a month, mostly out of fear that I have gained weight but also out of fear that I have not. My mom pointed out to me that my weight is coming off from head to downwards…my ass is massive and that annoys me because I run to tun my ass OFF…so far it doesn’t look like it…but after seeing my photo, I have to say it’s coming off everywhere, just slower than I had hoped.

I read Plus Model Magazine…not for the articles, for the photos and to be inspired. Curvy girls are beautiful. The secret is to wear clothing that makes you feel beautiful and makes you feel sexy. That is a common truth for everyone. If you feel it – then you are it.

I have turned a few heads this year. Something that hasn’t happened in FOR FREAKING EVER because 1) I am older 2) I stopped taking care of myself and 3) clothing was meaningless for a while.

It’s not that I am looking but it certainly feels great when a stranger checks you out! It makes you feel attractive and that is all part of the body image for self.

Hair, makeup, clothing, jewelry and shoes do not have to be expensive, but there has to be thought put into it.

I am sick of fat shaming. Walk a mile in ANYONE’S shoes before you get to do any shaming. Learn to love yourself in spite of comments from others. Eat food that makes your body feel good, when I say feel good – sugar doesn’t do it. Fresh and natural does.

And coffee… but that is just me.

So today when I got up, I did my hair, my makeup and chose my clothes carefully because who am I seeing today? No one…working at home. But it helps me feel great about how I look, which helps me be careful about what I eat.

Love yourself. Those ex’s didn’t make the cut for a reason.



‏An open Letter to Injinji: I love your socks, please let me buy them! @injinji #injinjisocks

Obviously I am procrastinating.

I am going for a quick 3k this morning as per my running schedule for training. My legs haven’t run since Wednesday and they are itching to go but why is it that I can’t pull my behind out of my chair?

Already this morning I have read my favorite running blogs, put on my Garmin, checked out upcoming races (the Terry Fox in September) and visited some sock pages. I want some socks that are light and breathable, won’t blister my tender tootsies and stay put in my shoes. I prefer short socks but I hate when they bunch up in my shoe. That will be my mission before August, FIND AWESOME SOCKS! Any suggestions are welcome. I tried buying running toes socks online but the company won’t ship to Canada. So in my desperate search I will send them an open letter in hopes we can find a solution.

Dear Injinji,

I get blisters on my toes because I have broken every single on of them at one time or another. They no longer stay in place like toes should. Therefore they blister from rubbing underneath each other. I do not enjoy this and though you offered the perfect product. Not only that, but you have my favorite colours! Why wouldn’t I wish to own a pair for every day of the week? I could easily be your best customer. Sadly, you think Canada is too far away to mail stuff too. My local Running store doesn’t carry your socks. I have noticed that MEC carries them online and I will go visit them this week to see if my dream can come true (blister free running) . Sadly MEC offers only one type of sock and its not the style I want. Nor is it the colour I want. Black or White? Boo. 

Please consider expanding your shipping into Canada. We are awesome runners in the great white north and loyal. 

Because Google is my friend, I did try to locate you here in Edmonton. You offered a Groupon in December so I know you will ship here sometimes. But when I go to the website you say  Shipping outside the US is not available at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. All International orders will not be processed and we will issue a full refund.

I appreciate that you see me as an international order, but we are located on the same land mass. Boats will not be involved. UPS and FEDEX come here all the time. US Postal service gets on just fine with Canada Post. So I am not sure why you can’t do it. I will even pay the custom brokerage fees!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I just want a pair of your socks!!!

Run 2.0 Lightweight No-Show – Look how pretty they are! Add white shoelace bows and I will feel like a Tiffany Box!



Robyn The Edmonton Tourist

I don’t recommend Frankenshoes for running, but they do add some nice height!

Have you ever run in these?



No? Why not? It is harder than it looks, that’s for sure but your legs get a really great workout. Granted, balance is tricky but it is good for core stabilization.

I kid…I kid…

Sort of…

It snowed yesterday – I KNOW! Winter is a jerk. I ranted about it here if you want the whole story. I had to run today because I am feeling better after suffering from the plague  and I need to keep up my 10% increase in distance for my 10km with my Dadeo in May. It is my first running race and to run it with my dad is a life long dream so I am super excited! Meanwhile…I need to train in Snow/Blizzards/melt/rain/sunshine. Today was an easy 3km and I wish I was faster but running in Frankenstein Shoes makes it hard.

I headed out to my usual trail behind my house. I walked towards the trail, thankful I put my cleats back on my shoes. For the record – SO SICK OF CLEATS! I am glad I wore them though, there was a lovely layer of ice under the fresh snow and that made it very slick.

Once I was at the trail, I began to run. My pace for short distances is quicker because I have figured out how fast I can go before I die. Good to know! I was a 1k in and I noticed I was getting taller. I am 5’8″ so I am a good height to begin with, but I was growing very quickly and soon I was 3 inches taller than when I left 10 minutes earlier. Weird. I looked down to find giant platform Frankenshoes under my cleats. I had picked up the soft wet snow ( did I mention that winter is being a jerk? I hate wet snow, I prefer the dry fluffy stuff) and it was building just like when you roll a snowball for snowmen or forts.

It was becoming uneven and I started running with a limp – not good – so I kicked off some snow but couldn’t free the heel up. By this time I was running now in heels. Sweet. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw! I came to a boggy iceberg filled puddle on the trail, it was too deep even in my new heels, so I went over on the side. It was like running in muskeg. Soft, but firm – semi-frozen mucky snow covered crass. I nearly broke a heel trudging through that stuff. As I passed a bench I kicked the snow loose from my shoes and I was off again. By the time I was at my turn around, the Frankenshoes were back. I must admit, they were easier to run in than snow heels.

I am THIS 275367-stock-photo-hand-fingers-stop-discover-indicate-measure far away from buying a treadmill. You know its bad when I talk about wanting a treadmill. I ran all winter from -24C to 0C through Wind/Snow/FreezingRain and spring is so close I can taste it! All I can say is, this better be building some decent amount of character because I am not any faster. However, I am into a new pair of skinny jeans and my before and after pictures are nearly unrecognizable. So….yes… it is worth it.

Happy Running and GO HOME WINTER, YOU’RE DRUNK!collage

Thank you John Stanton @runningroom

My last post was an open letter to John Stanton of the Running Room. Here in Canada, he has changed the face of running and made it something for everyone to do, no matter your size or athletic ability. His story is an amazing inspirational one and I encourage you to look into it. Keep in mind, he is the head of a giant corporation that has stores located across the country. The Running Room is THE source in Canada for running and races. Want to run the New York Marathon? They have a class for that and can hook you up with an entry. Want to learn to run 3km? They have a class for that. Want to find a shoe that works for you? They have an expert for that and their expert will spend all the time you need to find the shoe that works for you. It took me 7 pairs and 25 laps around the store to figure out my Adidas were right for me.

I just had an issue with their clothing sizes and told him so.

He contacted me today and told me he wishes for me to talk to and meet with his Senior Apparel Buyer for the Running Room Canada Inc.

How amazing is that? He is willing to talk to the one customer who would like to see change. His Senior Apparel Buyer then contacted me want to set up a date to meet at any store, or just talk.

Never did I think this would happen.

Thanks John Stanton, I am more impressed with you than ever now.

An Open Letter to John Stanton and the Running Room @runningroom


Dear John Stanton,

I know your inspirational story and follow your training programs. I walked a half marathon because of you and I thank you.

But I have a bone to pick with you and your purchaser for the Running Room stores across Canada.

We all know your story about you running when it was dark so people couldn’t see you due to your size. You started running because you were an extended size. Guess what? So am I. In fact there are a TON of us extended size people who run or are learning to run because we no longer wish to be on the extended size of the clothing chart. But guess what? Your store does not  carry extended size apparel. While that is not entirely true, your online shop shows you sell XL but are out of stock. However, if I wish to purchase S or XS I am IN! You have plenty of those sizes! Here’s the thing, most women are a size 12 of larger. I know you have all those runners at your store who have the classic runners physique. I also will have one of those, but not this winter. This winter I need to sport an extended size. While I am 3 sizes smaller then last year, I am still not one of those gazelles. I do not wish them ill will, I know your gazelles work and run hard to look like that. Well, Mr. Stanton, I have worked and run hard to look like this too. All I want is to be able to go to the Running Room, and buy tech wear that respects my body shape.

Please don’t tell me that there isn’t a market for it otherwise NorthFace and Columbia would not be making jackets that would fit me. I have yet to find a store that can help me. I want to be fit and you and other fitness merchants make it hard for me. I live in Edmonton. It is starting to get cold when I run. I do not have the luxury of running during the day. My options are morning or evening in the dark. Dark in Edmonton typically means cool or the very least, COLD.

Columbia also makes tech shirts that are extended sizes. The problem is, I can’t try them on. I live in the Capital City of Alberta. The streets are paved with gold, yet I have to shop online for tech wear. Seriously? The luxury of trying on clothing is lost for me. While you assume most runners are created equal, I can assure you this is not the case. Remember back to before you started the Running Room. Why can you not offer extended sizes for runners like me? I am a woman, therefore I am curvy, so those unisex jobs you sell do not fit the upper body very well.

Is it too much to ask that ONE of your stores offer extended sizes? Come on, one per city is all I am asking, please. I understand how inventory works. I guarantee you it will pay off in the long run. Bloggers like me will spread the word. Besides, I have lots of women friends who are looking for running apparel that fits them. I cheered on the marathoners at this years Canadian Derby Marathon and guess what? There were quite a few extended runners, shocking! We run in daylight for people to see. We are working hard to be the same on the outside as we feel on the inside. Support us by offering clothing that fits, and you will have the most loyal shoppers out there.

Please help us to keep running all winter long.