Shoes that fit and other awesome things #disneytrail

Obviously I haven’t been around much. I haven’t run in a week, I thank my cold/flu/plague thing for that. But… I have been busy.

There  is a new thing in the works. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you will (hopefully) see some #disneytrail posts popping up. That is the lead in to the new thing


It is pretty exciting. The big day announcement will be October 14th. There are a ton of stuff in the works, including something I will leak here right now…

A Podcast. Cool right? My team and I are developing a new running podcast called Running Coast to Coast. We are scattered all over North America so the name fits. I hope you tune in to hear what it’s all about and of course SUBSCRIBE! It will be available for free on iTunes and a couple of other places, like here on my blog.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I have been reading (surprise surprise!) about running. It astounds me how many people talk about losing their toenails! I have a news flash for you :Your shoes are too small!

As if I should talk…

I have lost a lot of weight, and with that comes new sizes in everything…even shoes. Weird, but true. I had worn out my Adidas Glide 4 (I loved those shoes by the way, I wear them in my back yard still) and went to my local shop to buy a new pair. Sadly, the Glide 4 is the OLD model and the new model just didn’t fit the same. Dear Shoe Companies, Why do you change the models? I finally find a shoe that works for me and you discontinue it. DISLIKE!


So…Skippy at the shop had me try on Brooks Ghost 5 (also an older model but the price was right) I loved them. But the size 10 felt a little sloppy (yes I have giant feet – to be fair, I am a tall girl) so I went down a half-size. I loved them. They made my feet look girly, the colour was pretty AND I really like the venting! The air flow through the shoe was awesome for hot summer days. I ran around the store and decided YES to the Ghost 5. I ran all over the River Valley. Then it began to happen.

I started getting blisters on the TIPS of my toes. Never had this before. It wasn’t a huge deal…I kept running.

Then my baby toe popped through the side wall of my shoe…WHAT THE HELL?

Then I ran the Edmonton Half Marathon and by mile 12 I knew what was wrong. My shoes were too small.


I became one of those people who bought shoes that were too small!!! Luckily I keep my toenails trimmed nice and short, or I would have lost a nail or 9.

The moral of the story? BUY SHOES THAT FIT! My feet swell when I run so I need at least a half-size bigger then I would wear around town.

I went back to the store and they had a clearance on all kinds of Adidas glide 4 – I bought 2 pairs, size 10. These will be the last of the glides. I think I will go back to the Brooks because if the shoe was that comfortable being too small…it will likely be amazing being the right size.



Thank you John Stanton @runningroom

My last post was an open letter to John Stanton of the Running Room. Here in Canada, he has changed the face of running and made it something for everyone to do, no matter your size or athletic ability. His story is an amazing inspirational one and I encourage you to look into it. Keep in mind, he is the head of a giant corporation that has stores located across the country. The Running Room is THE source in Canada for running and races. Want to run the New York Marathon? They have a class for that and can hook you up with an entry. Want to learn to run 3km? They have a class for that. Want to find a shoe that works for you? They have an expert for that and their expert will spend all the time you need to find the shoe that works for you. It took me 7 pairs and 25 laps around the store to figure out my Adidas were right for me.

I just had an issue with their clothing sizes and told him so.

He contacted me today and told me he wishes for me to talk to and meet with his Senior Apparel Buyer for the Running Room Canada Inc.

How amazing is that? He is willing to talk to the one customer who would like to see change. His Senior Apparel Buyer then contacted me want to set up a date to meet at any store, or just talk.

Never did I think this would happen.

Thanks John Stanton, I am more impressed with you than ever now.