Mo is back

Wow, it’s dusty in here. I haven’t been here since 2017.

Hello 2020! With that comes some surprising changes. I have had some serious health issues the past few years. This is the first January where I am A) not suffering from organ failure B) feel remarkably healthy and C) itching to get outside and do something!

I think I may begin training in earnest again. The Edmonton Marathon is on my birthday this year and that may be a sign. I think I want to train for it. I am not sure on distance, although in my mind’s eye I am shooting for the full distance. I haven’t ever run or walked that far before. I am reasonably sure I have the mental capacity to go that far. The training doesn’t scare me. But first I need to get this bod in shape to do a 5km. Then I will reassess. So…. Here I am.

There are a few plans out there that base the 5km on time. I am under no illusions that I am a 5k=30 minutes kind of person. I will train with distance. Happily, I used to coach the learn to run program at the local run store. I still have all my stuff. I know what it takes, I know I can do that. I am also aware I need to walk. After my first 5k, maybe we will see about running. I anticipate walking a 5k by February then a 10k by March. That should put me in shape to go father with the spring and summer training season.

My plan is to Walk four days a week, weights three days, yoga three days. As soon as I added in weights, I knew I was serious.

Wish me luck. I will report back next week.

4 thoughts on “Mo is back

    • I’m so happy you are back on here more regularly. It makes me smile when you pop up in my comments. Tahnsk for the support!

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