And I’m back…

I have a band of brothers who are insisting they run with me during the Donald Half Marathon. Joke’s on them, They will be walking fairly quickly while I sprint my heart out to keep up.

In an effort not to let them down too much, I am doing speed work during the week to get faster. I’m not all that convinced it will work. This year has been such a training clusterfuck. I had surgery and injuries and set backs. All of which have been important learning lessons.

I can get the long distance in, the speed works helps somewhat so now its time to add the other piece of the puzzle.


I have been pretty good thus far. I have been careful about what I eat, drink my water and keep sweets to a minimum. I have MAINTAINED….after I gained 10lbs. First I gained 10 then I held it there.

I re-installed Myfitness Pal again today and am in the middle of syncing Mapmyrun and Garmin connect with everything.


It makes me accountable. I want to lose another 50lbs this year.  (not by 2015 – I mean November 2015). I have the tools, I have the knowledge and I have the ability. I just HAVE TO RIGHT IT DOWN!

That part is the part that I am not consistent with. I started today.

I wrote everything I ate – including the Aero Bar and the Tostito Chips. I was 175 calories OVER my daily goal of 1790. That total will apparently get me to my goal of 2lbs per week for 1 month. Then I will adjust it to 1 lbs per week. It also helps me not go bonkers over Christmas. I didn’t last year and felt awesome. I will do it again this year.

It is interesting how I feel about food journaling. A year ago I would have not wrote the food in, giving myself a clean slate for tomorrow. Yet I wrote the good parts and the bad parts in. I am trying not to think about food in terms of BAD or GOOD. But rather in terms of fuel for running. I need to make sure I have the right amount of protein grams and carbs in so I will feel fab over my long runs.

On FB I have THIS as my profile pic 1375002_10152876402766337_9194937867845132687_nOn the side of the hat it says TRAINING. I have no plans to run the Calgary Half or Full next year because I am planning on really focussing my training on the Dumbo Double Dare. That means I am running ‘just 2’ half marathons. My training pal Liz laughed and said “Just two?”

Just 2. When did I become THAT girl? That girl who can now fit into a running jacket. That girl who explains fartleks to run club members, that girl who can talk about nutrition with beginner, marathoner and ultra runners. That girl who can hear about a foot issue and talk to people about solutions and shoes. That girl who understands clothing tech.

Yet I am still that girl who is scared to run with her band of brothers because she is slow.


And because one of them looks like this:


That is pretty much all the motivation I need.


9 thoughts on “And I’m back…

  1. I’ll be at the Donald half too and trust me, if there is a clown that’s chasing me? I’ll be running double time. 😉 Glad to see you back!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog on here as I very recently started my own. I’ve spent the last week or so reading through THE ENTIRE THING from start to finish. First of all I want to say thank you for sharing your journey. You wrote before about Fierce Women and how they inspire you well your blog is incredibly inspiring and you are most definitely FIERCE!! I feel like a bit of a fan girl here (I guess I am?!) but I just really wanted to post here and tell you how your words have affected me, your dedication and honesty are so inspiring and I’ve had days this week when I was talking myself OUT of a run and after reading a few posts I was setting my distance goal.

    I recently ran my first half marathon (the wine and dine in Disney) and I am right there with you in that calling it ‘half’ or something really doesn’t give the distance the respect it deserves. 13.1 miles is LONG! Go you for managing to get several under your belt and more importantly hung up on your wall (side note the Wine and Dine medal is so fricken awesome it’s MASSIVE and HEAVY and spins and everything, definitely the image in my head that got me to the finish line although I hear scary clowns also do the trick, I’m petrified of clowns). I’m actually a bit sad now that I’ve caught up on all your posts, like finishing a really good book or watching back to back seasons of House of Cards and then realising you have to wait until FEBRUARY 2015 for the next season WTF??!

    I’ve set myself lots of goals for the year after experiencing a similar low after my first half and reading about how setting future goals really helped you and guess what? It worked! Goals are awesome and make me want to run again! I decided to commit myself to the Dopy Challenge 2016. I know you are running the Donald in January, I’ll be thinking of you that day and looking forward to hearing all about it. I would LOVE to come and support but living in Dublin it’s just a tad too far to travel! So I will be thinking of you on the day!

    My favourite post of yours was of the day you went running and stripped to your sports bra. I was thinking ‘go you’ and imaginary high fiving my screen. I am in complete owe of you and your journey so far and am looking forward to your next instalment.

    • What a lovely comment 🙂 You made my day! I will be in WDW 2016 likely…very likely… But I also wan to run the Star Wars race too. So I need to make some hard choices. I popped over to your site, you are doing AWESOME! Gals like us need to stick to gather 🙂
      Keep in touch!

      • Not that I am at all biased but you HAVE TO DO THE DOPEY CAUSE THAT’S THE ONE I’M GOING TO… hehe

        Thanks very much! Yes I’ve got your back 😉


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