Running Down the Rabbit Hole

Tomorrow is Kathy’s Race for Pancreatic Cancer and I am suppose to be in it.

I am not.

Mostly for awesomeness reasons.

I had some time today, so I ran the course I would have run tomorrow and its dry out there which makes it lovely. The gravel in some spots is a little slick – not hard packed like it was in the summer, but nice just the same. It was frosty but this time last year there was snow and it had STAYED for the winter, so quite frankly, I will take the blue sky sunshine and dry ground because the less I have to run in my cleats, the better.

013I signed up for a Virtual Race last month, Running Down the Rabbit Hole. She opened the race up to 50 more runners, if you are an Alice fan, do it! It is an amazing medal and it spins which is super cool. It is the biggest medal on my wall. The race coordinator is stellar! Today I earned my 10k Running Down the Rabbit Hole medal. I ran the course I would have run tomorrow, and the entire time I kept thinking…I should cancel my half marathon in January. I am not ready. I am too slow. What was I thinking?

Then I thought – So what if I get swept? It won’t happen before I get to run though the castle. Who cares? I will have fun and that is all that matters….I am SUCH A LIAR TO MYSELF.

I want the medal. I want to succeed. I need to get my ass outside and train dammit! Today was a great start. Actually, Last week was a great start. I haven’t lost my fitness levels but I obviously am not getting to the speed I wish I was. C’est la vie. (look how French I am!) I can not be angry with myself if I try my best. This week, I will likely log 40km or so walking. It would be awesome if its more…but we shall see. Meanwhile, I am out of races until January. This is a good thing. It helps me focus and if something comes up between now and then, the good news is I have the fitness level to enter on a whim…I love that.

Happy Running!


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