The New Run Club

I joined a new run club. It’s kind of exclusive. Please don’t be jealous…seriously…don’t be. It isn’t  great.

I ran yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. I finally felt better. After strapping on my shoes, I noticed my cleats, I am thankful I don’t have to wear those…yet. Soon enough I imagine.

It was cool but sunny and spectacular yesterday. Blue sky and the colours of Autumn. I headed out on my trusty trail behind my house. For some reason it is my fall and winter running trail, it felt right. I didn’t set a distance goal. My goal was to head out and see how I felt.

I made it past the creek and decided to turn right. I had never run that way before. I was struggling with consistency so I decided to run 30sec, walk 15 sec. It sounds slow, when actually it is fast. I ran faster than I expected. This is the Jeff Galloway method. He is trying to quality for Boston doing this, he will do it too. I kept my pace under 10 min/km You can laugh – people do miles with that pace, I can’t yet. But for a kilometer, that is a race pace time for me. Pretty decent considering I had been off for 2 weeks. I made it to the pond and that is where I got my initiation into the new club. The Hurl Club. That’s right – I lost my breakfast. My team mates welcomed me into the fold. One even said “Welcome, we have cup cakes…or at least we did.” HA! True true…

I know Jeff Galloway frowns upon hurling. Quite frankly, I do too. There are apparent reasons for this. It could be lack of hydration. I packed water, but never once drank – that is a real possibility. The other is pushing too hard and fast, I didn’t feel like I pushed, but running 30:15 sec intervals really feels fast. OR it could be a combination of both.

At any rate, I don’t recommend it.

But I think it makes me an official runner at this point.

Happy Running!

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7 thoughts on “The New Run Club

  1. I haven’t felt that way after running but then I’m not running the distances you do yet. However, while attempting a plank earlier this week, I came very close.

    Isn’t Edmonton beautiful this time of year?!

  2. Good job getting back out there! Jeff Galloway came with 38 seconds of qualifying for Boston with that pace so I see absolutely NOTHING shameful in it. If it’s good enough for an Olympic athlete who has trained hundreds of thousands, then it’s good enough for the rest of us!

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