Shoes that fit and other awesome things #disneytrail

Obviously I haven’t been around much. I haven’t run in a week, I thank my cold/flu/plague thing for that. But… I have been busy.

There  is a new thing in the works. If you follow me on Facebook or twitter you will (hopefully) see some #disneytrail posts popping up. That is the lead in to the new thing


It is pretty exciting. The big day announcement will be October 14th. There are a ton of stuff in the works, including something I will leak here right now…

A Podcast. Cool right? My team and I are developing a new running podcast called Running Coast to Coast. We are scattered all over North America so the name fits. I hope you tune in to hear what it’s all about and of course SUBSCRIBE! It will be available for free on iTunes and a couple of other places, like here on my blog.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I have been reading (surprise surprise!) about running. It astounds me how many people talk about losing their toenails! I have a news flash for you :Your shoes are too small!

As if I should talk…

I have lost a lot of weight, and with that comes new sizes in everything…even shoes. Weird, but true. I had worn out my Adidas Glide 4 (I loved those shoes by the way, I wear them in my back yard still) and went to my local shop to buy a new pair. Sadly, the Glide 4 is the OLD model and the new model just didn’t fit the same. Dear Shoe Companies, Why do you change the models? I finally find a shoe that works for me and you discontinue it. DISLIKE!


So…Skippy at the shop had me try on Brooks Ghost 5 (also an older model but the price was right) I loved them. But the size 10 felt a little sloppy (yes I have giant feet – to be fair, I am a tall girl) so I went down a half-size. I loved them. They made my feet look girly, the colour was pretty AND I really like the venting! The air flow through the shoe was awesome for hot summer days. I ran around the store and decided YES to the Ghost 5. I ran all over the River Valley. Then it began to happen.

I started getting blisters on the TIPS of my toes. Never had this before. It wasn’t a huge deal…I kept running.

Then my baby toe popped through the side wall of my shoe…WHAT THE HELL?

Then I ran the Edmonton Half Marathon and by mile 12 I knew what was wrong. My shoes were too small.


I became one of those people who bought shoes that were too small!!! Luckily I keep my toenails trimmed nice and short, or I would have lost a nail or 9.

The moral of the story? BUY SHOES THAT FIT! My feet swell when I run so I need at least a half-size bigger then I would wear around town.

I went back to the store and they had a clearance on all kinds of Adidas glide 4 – I bought 2 pairs, size 10. These will be the last of the glides. I think I will go back to the Brooks because if the shoe was that comfortable being too small…it will likely be amazing being the right size.



8 thoughts on “Shoes that fit and other awesome things #disneytrail

  1. So excited to hear this! WOO HOOO! I had shoe issues this summer too although mine was “too big”. I have giant feet as well (9.5) but I figure they’re perfect for me. I can’t believe your toe came out of the side of your shoe! What the heck?! However, it seems we have different taste when it comes to the colour of our shoes – I want nongirly colours (blue, green, grey/silver) and my last couple of pairs have been purple and pink. Argh.

    • First of all…I miss you.

      Secondly, I HATE PINK. Skippy thinks its funny to give me pink shoes to try on. I go by feel not by colour. However, I just can’t say yes to hot pink even if they do feel like Unicorn stuffed clouds of wonderful. My new shoes are white, silver and blue. Perfect for me. – Black would be more perfect with Silver and Teal…but its close 😉

      • Well, you’re just not allowed to get sick anymore then, are you?! 😉 It was weird going so long without your witty writing. Don’t do that again, ok? I’m still around on Twitter and blogging although I just consolidated everything into my normal account/blog.

        I’m seriously considering calling and making sure Ed the Shoe Guy is working before I head out to buy my next pair of shoes. You could tell he was definitely a long time runner who knew what he was talking about and liked his job.

      • I love Ed! He called me to give a talk tomorrow night for his 10k group…that will be cool! He is also the big kahuna, so he does know what he is talking about. I need a link to you other consolidated blog….please or will I find it on twitter?

  2. Damn shoes! I just bought new shoes a month ago, same Nike Free v5 I always get…. I got blisters too! In the weirdest spots but the same spot on both feet! Weirdo.

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