Nice and Flat and Fast…Liar

Friday I had my MRI to determine in my Acoustic Neuroma has grown larger. I hope not because I am pretty busy right now and don’t need surgery any time soon. I get major anxiety attacks in small spaces. So you could say I am claustrophobic x a million². The gals were great saying soothing things to me and comforting me. Once it was done, my plan was to run.

I was going to run out the front door of the clinic and run through the University of Alberta Campus. Except I left my hydration pack in my car. I then decided to run at Emily Murphy Park which is at the bottom of the hill from campus. I pulled out of the superduperinflatedparkingfee car park and drove to the valley parks. Half way there I changed my mind. I thought how nice it would be to run somewhere new.

I crossed the bridge and drove to Government House Park on the North side of the River Valley. I had never run here before and have been thinking about it for a while. I thought about how nice and flat it would be. Now the question begs “Why did I assume it was flat?” Ummmm…. because it is in a straight line? Well, I was wrong.

The trail was beautiful along the North Saskatchewan River and I couldn’t have asked for a better day!



I ran up a gradual slope towards the Mackenzie Ravine. The sun was pretty warm and there is no shade in this park except for in the ravine. Then it felt like a Mountain was blocking the sun.


It would not hurt my feelings to live in that house overlooking the valley.


I thought about how nice it would be to go for a swim! I haven’t swam once this year.



Through MacKenzie Ravine where the grade was getting to me. Too many hills this week, and tomorrow I have more on the agenda.

018 014


Strangely enough, I love the variety these new trails give me. I use to avoid hills and these other trails, but now they are part of my regular vocabulary.

Happy Running!


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