Back to Back races and I didn’t die



I live in a so-called Prairie City. When you think about he word ‘prairie’ you conjure up images of flat land. While its true, I live a couple of hours away from the Rocky Mountains, by no means do I live on flat lands nor the foot hills. After my weekend, my butt is thinking about moving to Regina where there are ZERO HILLS.

I ran in two different events this weekend and both had beasts called hills. The first 3 hillbeasts were in the Night Race. Now, because I live in Edmonton, the Night Race didn’t start until it got dark. That means I was at the start line at 10:00 pm. The sun had just set and the northern sky was all twighlighty. The runners all had their head lamps and it was quite pretty. We ran mostly in the trails where I always get lost. The trails were lit by lanterns and our headlamps. It was so much fun! Except the 3 beasts we climbed. If the Night Race comes to your city, give it a go because it is a fun race with fantastic swag! I got a Brooks Adrenaline Race shirt, Energizer Headlamp and a 6 pack of beer.




I got home around midnight, knowing I needed to get up for my Doctor Who Virtual Half Marathon you think I could fall asleep? Not a chance! So at 6:30 I got up with 4 hours sleep to my credit and headed down to the creek to start my 21.1k journey. The plan was to meet up with the walking group in Goldbar Park and go for Brunch afterwards. But I did this 21.1k solo, alone, by myself with only my dying phone for company. Yeah, about that. I forgot to charge my phone the night before. I needed to conserve battery power incase I was about to die and needed to call someone. So no music for me! That really annoyed me because I downloaded some fresh music to my running list, Black Sabbath, Bruce Springsteen, ACDC, Alice in Chains – you know, GOOD STUFF! Could I listen to it? Sadly…no. Whatever, I am a proud introvert. Being alone with my thoughts is fine, it just doesn’t pump me up, it relaxes me. Suddenly, this became way more challenging.

I ran 10k all over the valley flats and was feeling pretty great. The route I had planned on taking was scrapped because of the Edmonton Folk Fest, so I decided to climb the beast called Connors Hill from the valley floor up to the top.Folk Fest from the Top

Hello Edmonton!


This was a new adventure for me. I decided I don’t really like these kinds of adventure. They blow. This was also the point where my Auto Pause on my watch wouldn’t turn the gps back on. YOU REALLY SUCKED GARMIN 410! That’s okay, I had a pretty good idea where I was on the milage scale, I was doing fine….until 14k.

I forgot to pack my Nuun. This was BAD NEWS. I am on a self-induced half marathon, I have zero course support. I needed salt and potassium in the worse way. I had my gels and they helped a bit, but I find Nuun gives me the mental clarity I really need around 14 – 16k. This was the part where the wheels fell off. I wanted to quit.

I fantasized about a phone conversation with my Dadeo.

Me: Hey Daddy, you were right, running this far IS STUPID, come get me.

Dadeo: Okay baby, I will be right there. Don’t worry and now I can claim I was right every time you go running.

<insert record needle scratching sound>

Hold it right there. What is WRONG WITH ME??

I don’t quit.

I decided to walk a bit, drink more water and take another gel. I was NOT QUITTING! After walking a bit, I felt more refreshed. My legs and feet were good, but the shoulders were killing me because the girls are just too heavy. I set a goal of Cap Hill. I couldn’t WAIT to run down it! I love running down hill. The last time I ran Cap hill, I was training for my first half. I knew it was a beast of a hill, but this time I was at the top and running down would be fun.

The view from Cap Hill

By the time I got there, all I could think was….WTF? This is a puny road bump not a HILL. The I started to laugh. I  couldn’t believe how my fitness level had changed so drastically. Here I was at about the 19k mark and feeling fab inspite of no hill to run down.

By the time I reached the end of my route, I met up with the Trusty Steed and his walking group for breakfast. I had run/walked 22km.


The last time I walked 21.1k, I was a mess. I needed crutches to get around. I could hardly move. This time I put on my flip flops, stretched and didn’t need to sit. I had a great brunch, did stuff in the afternoon, and was suitably tired by bedtime. I am not even walking funny today. Do you know what this means??

I have completed my goal of RECOVERY!

I had set a goal to increase my recovery time and feel great after a long run. Mission accomplished! Although, having the Nuun would have been better for my time, I won’t make that mistake on Race Day, August 25th.

Things I need to remember for Race Day:

  1. There are ZERO HILLS
  2. Bring Nuun
  3. Take Melatonin before going to sleep Saturday Night. Sleep makes you run better.
  4. Charge the Phone!
  5. Wear the new injini socks – blister free feet is AWESOME

There is nothing better than achieving your goals. I recommend it.

Happy Running!

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