I am my mom’s worst nightmare

When I was 9, my family (with Granny included) traveled all over Europe for the summer. I had no idea how amazing it was until I was older and learned history. It wasn’t all fun and games though.

There was that time when we were vacationing on the Italian Riviera (sounds WAY more glamorous than it was) 7 of us in a caravan, sleeping on the side of the road (often) rarely getting proper showers. We looked and smelled like Hobos.

My aunt (5 years older than me) and I were the prudes of the bunch. Europe is very free and easy with their bodies. At the caravan park we stayed in, there were actual showers! We noticed everyone walking down NAKED – shocking for us Canucks who aren’t even naked when we are born. We all have toques.


This was my first gander at a fellow without clothes – other than my baby brother who didn’t count. My Aunt and I were gaping out the window when suddenly THERE GOES GRANNY in her bra and undies!. GRANDMA!!! She was totally overdressed Β – BUT STILL!

When I think back to that day, My granny was just 3 years older than I am now. I blame her for the shenanigans that happened at the park today.

I checked the weather before I left and decided on a long sleeve Tee. That was my first mistake. I am a 45 and 11/12’s (August 16th people! Mark your calendars!) PRE-menopausal woman. I get hot just thinking about socks. By the time I got to the park, and ran 3km I figured I needed to lighten the layers or go home. After the drama of my day yesterday – going home wasn’t an option. So what did I do?

I whipped my shirt off. My mom would be SO PROUD – HA! My dad will go ballistic when he finds out. I am half the size – almost half – of what I use to be. I am still a big girl, but I feel confident enough in my own skin to run in the sports bra – I just never thought about doing it before.



Obviously my belly never sees the light of day, but after running in just my skivvies, I will DEFINITELY be doing this again! It was so freeing to be in a SINGLE layer! I know you fellows don’t understand, but ladies…. IT WAS AWESOME! The wind was cooling and the sun was warm. The sweat running down my back didn’t bother me because it evaporated right away. It was like that time when I swam out of my bathing suit bottoms because I lost so much weight. Although that was way more embarrassing…

You are correctly assuming that my girls are not those of a runner’s. I have been cursed blessed with fancy girly parts. I am curvy. There are way less curvy girls running around in their sports bras – but I don’t care. I was on the trails, in the parks and not downtown – a bit different still…Since when do I care what people think? Hmmm it’s been a few years anyways. I got some looks, a couple of winks and smiles from the male runners out there. Let me tell you, it has BEEN AWHILE since a fellow checked me out. Yay me! I am now going to search out coloured fashionable sports harnesses for the girls. I am doing this again and often.

I now have my fear of Florida figured out. Off comes the shirt if I am too hot. Which I will be because it was only 17C today (thats 62F for my American friends) Obviously I will be too hot running in Florida for the WDW Marathon Weekend in January. I am a Canadian girl who thinks 4C is perfect running weather. That was the temperature in Calgary for the 10k I was in. It was awesome.

I came home still under dressed by my son’s standards and he did the “MY EYES! I CAN NEVER UNSEE THAT!” routine. So I looked up whether or not my attire was suitable for running.

According to Runners World the verdict is a resounding YES!


OH…and to all you skinny gals who hate looking at me when I run – bite me. But be careful – I bite back.

8 thoughts on “I am my mom’s worst nightmare

  1. Congrats on the topless run! I conquered my fear Monday and ran stadiums in only a sports bra (technically 2 sports bras but same thing :)) it was SOOOOO much more comfortable.

    • First off – WOW I really want to start doing that but still fear a heart attack – maybe next year πŸ˜‰ AND thanks! AND if you have to wear two – then I suggest trying a different brand. I wear Champion and no problem harnessing the girls in a single.

  2. You are so fabulous! Who cares what those skinny beyotches think. They’re just jealous of all the looks (and winks!) you were getting from the Y-Chromosomes out there. Work it girl. I’m in the same boat – blessed with great ‘girls’. Last year I bought myself a super duper hyper-enforced underwire monstrosity from Dawn’s Bra-tique here in YEG. My girls barely move a millimetre now. Not the prettiest thing but it gets the job down. So proud of you! Go (partially) naked or go home!

    • My champion monstrosity wears like iron. I recently discovered it comes in pinks and blues! Running room doesn’t carry them, just black and white so I think I’ll order them online and wear it purposefully! Thanks girl! If you can run outside with just your hat, I can run without my shirt. Together we will turn this town on its ear πŸ˜€

  3. I love my tank top with shelf bra and I have indeed run in a sports bra before. It’s sweet. Besides, if I see one more half naked man running through the streets of YEG sweating like a pig I think I might trip him on purpose. If WE can’t run topless neither should they!

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