I haven’t run in a week or so, perhaps less.

Why? I feel like I am suffering from Jet Lag. I wish I could say I was…but the farthest I have been this week is the 20 minute drive to West Edmonton Mall.

I am pretty sure it is brain tumour related.

I find this happens about once a month or so. I push myself hard, never missing a workout, insane study schedule and BOOM – I sleep endlessly.

My routine has been this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Make lunches
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. have a nap
  5. study
  6. have a nap
  7. eat lunch
  8. have a nap
  9. study
  10. make dinner
  11. go to bed

Obviously something isn’t right. Today I woke up without an alarm and I have made to 9:30 without sleeping. That makes today a good day! That will end shortly…nap time is near. My body feels like I ran a marathon and just wants to sleep. I am letting it for now, but if I don’t see huge improvement by the weekend, I am going back to the doctor.

There is something so delicious about not running after you get over the guilt and need to get out there. It feels like skipping school or being naughty. I have always enjoyed that feeling being the rebel that I am – knowing you are obligated or ‘suppose to’ do something and just not do it…decadent.

I am taking this rest period and enjoying it. Soon I will be back on schedule for my half marathon training. With this long period of rest, I should be able to pick up the training runs easily as posted rather than try to make it up and be behind. That means 6 hills next week but I’ll worry about that another day.

Happy Resting!


4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I feel like so often we beat ourselves up when we don’t get things done that we are “supposed” to do. I’m glad you are embracing this rest time and just letting your body do its thing.

  2. Sometimes the only thing our bodies want is rest and we fell to listen. This is when bad things happen. I am glad you are listening and are able to rest. Please keep us updated on what the doc says. 🙂

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