Push and be Fierce

Today is National Running Day. My runner friends are celebrating by running. I also ran, but I would have anyways because I run Wednesdays. I am a creature of habit. I have a schedule and I do what it tells me to. Today was hill repeats.

Earlier in the year, hills scared me. As I conquer more hills, I achieve better results. One day I woke up and I liked hills. Weird. Running down is way more fun the running up, but you can’t run down a hill until you reach the summit.

Last Sunday I kicked Conners Hill and I vowed I would attempt to beat Emily Murphy today.

I did.

The plan was to run 3x400m. Emily murphy hill is 380m with an elevation rise of 30m. It doesn’t sound like much but to me it was brutal. It is the hill the South Edmonton Runners use for hill repeats. I had never before run to the top more than once.

I ran  up and had to tell myself to slow it down, conserve energy so I could make it up. I did. Then I did the fun part of running down. Back up again for a repeat – much harder than the first time but I made. Then the fun part! The third and final time, I thought I might not be able to make it up, but my schedule said 3 so 3 it must be! By the time I made it 3/4s of the way up my lungs were heaving pretty good and I could feel my heart beat in my ears. I kept telling myself to push it.

And I did.

I left my guts on the hill today. Nearly puked.

Next week its 4 times up. That will be harder but I think I can do it with a longer rest at the top.



I learned something else about me this week. I can do more that I thought I could.


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