Phase 2: set new goals because I achieved!

734173_366866946755461_645697048_nToday is the day I begin half marathon training for the Canadian Derby Half Marathon in Edmonton August 25.

I am suppose to run 4km at a steady pace.

I laughed coffee out my nose.

In 2011 I was training for the half in August and I met with my walking class to walk 4km. It was really hard for me. It took a lot of visualization and moaning on my part to finish the 4k. It was at that point when I figured I would likely die of a heart attack. I couldn’t quit because I had told everyone I was doing it and the there were nay sayers telling me it was impossible for me to do. Stubborn as I am, I kept at it and finished.

The last couple of weeks, before my taper for the 10k, I was running 38km a week. This week I will only run 24km. I want to run more but I will stick to the plan. I pulled my running plan from John Stanton’s Running Start to Finish. His plan is solid. The theory is based on 3 days of running maintains your fitness, while 4-5 days of running improves it. I want to improve. I have set a half marathon goal of 3 hours. I know it seems slow for everyone I know. Who cares? Lots of people are running a half in 2-2.5 hours. If I make it at 3 or sub 3 (fingers crossed) that will shave 1.5 hours of my previous time. I am the one competing against ME, not the rest of the pack.

I am already ahead of my fitness level from the last time I entered the half.

I ran in the 10k race in Calgary Sunday. I have run 13km – my farthest running distance to date.

That is why I laughed at 4km. My mid-week runs of late have been 8ks or tempos or hill work. This is a nice easy week or 3 steady runs for a total 11k. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I think these early days for training will help me improve my speed. I will be running 10ks on weekends – not a stretch for me, my body is use to this so I will be able to improve rather than reach for that goal. In fact, I don’t run an 8k mid-week until week 12! Not that I am looking at these training runs as easy – but I won’t have to fight my legs to go the distance. We understand that distance. I just have to coax them to improve the pace. THat means I need to work up to 8:57/km. That is huge. I ran the Calgary 10k at 10:30/km. Dropping 1.5 minutes off my km will be my focus. I can’t believe I am in that position.

I am finally able to do the distance but now need to improve the pace.

Here are my next round of goals for between now and August 25th:

  1. Work up to running tempo at 8:30. My current Tempo is 9:30.
  2. Work up to 8 full hills. I currently can do 6 half hills.
  3. Work up to 6k of fartleks. I currently run 3k of fartleks.
  4. Build core and hamstrings through weights and ball.
  5. Add yoga class to regular yoga stretches. A full class on non run day will lengthen muscles and improve overall flexibility and increase speed.

My head is still spinning. I started running from scratch January 1. Here it is May 28 and I am not worried about distance, just eager to increase my speed.

Life is good.

Happy Running!



2 thoughts on “Phase 2: set new goals because I achieved!

  1. I think you are doing an amazing job. I am only into my second year of running, so I know how it can be scary and exhilarating to make new racing goals. You’ve come so far. . .you will go even further and farther. Good job–keep it up!

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