Virtual Races Rock My World

I was talking to a friend of mine and told him I had a virtual race coming up. He asked me if you just think about running it. Ummm…no.

A virtual race is an actual event you sign up for, pay money to, prove you ran it and then you get a medal! I am a self professed medal whore so I thought this was a brilliant idea.

Way back around Christmas, I was chatting with my book club gals and we were talking about me starting the C25k program – AGAIN. I had to start from scratch due to the medical issues in my life, so I decided to have it be my new year’s resolution. Learn to run 5 km.

My big goal was to run a 5km fun run in the spring then move towards a the Canadian Derby 10km in August. However, my sister decided to get married that day in August and since it was suppose to be a run with my dad, I couldn’t very well say “Sorry Dad, you can’t go to sister’s wedding because you promised ME first!” Lets be honest for a minute – Dad would pick me because I am his favorite  however, I think it is WRONG to put him into that position. So, being the awesome sister I am, I decided to let Dad go to the wedding and I will go too.

This created a problem for me. I really wanted to run a 10k and it needed to have a medal – because we have already established that I am a medal whore. The Calgary Marathon has a 10k race, with medal, on my dad’s 65th birthday! Perfect! Except that when I signed up for it I couldn’t run 3km. YIKES! I needed to step up the training.

Fast forward to May 1st, 25 days away from my first 10k race AND first running race of ANY sort, here is me thinking ‘you always do this to yourself’. I hadn’t run a 5k and was planning the 10k and up the ante to a half marathon in August. Yikes. As if THAT wasn’t bad enough, I registered for the WDW Marathon weekend in January 2014 and am in the 5k, the 10k and the half marathon. I am calling it the Unofficial Sleepy because if you add the full Marathon it is called the Dopey.

Meanwhile, May 1st and I haven’t run a 5k race. Sure I have run 5k, I have even run 10k! But not the race. My friend Teresa decided she was going to run too. She started the C25k in January too only she ran inside on a treadmill. How? I have no idea. I have HUGE respect and awe for those who can run any distance on a treadmill. Together we trained separately, her inside and me outside. Then I found THIS on facebook!


Entry $25 – benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training
Run a 5k, 10k or half-marathon between April 3-May 6th and get an awesome medal.

Step 1: purchase a race entry
Step 2: log your miles by the May 6th deadline. These miles are on your own time! If you are doing a race in the time frame – those miles count too!
Step 3: Upload a pic of you after your run, a pic of your watch or app with the miles, or a post race pic to this facebook page
Step 4: Get your medal in the mail and proudly display the BLING!

So for $25 I could run on a day it wasn’t snowing, pick my distance, raise money for a great cause AND get a medal? What isn’t to love about that?
So we did it today, it was Teresa’s first official 5k and first outside run, and it was my first Official 5k Race! WOOT! I liked this concept so much I joined another virtual race.
Really, I signed up for the next one because the medal was so FREAKING COOL! Take a look and you decide:923430_2995771951360_1419414284_n
I know, right? How AMAZING is that? Different colour ribbons for each distance. I am going half marathon T.A.R.D.I.S. Blue for this virtual race because I run a 20k this summer for training, I will add 1.1km to that and I am IN! They give a race bib too. Half marathon is all about the 11th doctor and there is a freaky thing with me and the #11 so I must do that race. My kiddo is doing the 5k because she is all about Tennant and the #10th Doctor – very fitting for her. Virtual races kinda rock!
All you have to do is post proof (picture of your garmin and a sweaty photo of you) and taDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This too can be yours!
Join us won’t you for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual Race. Or you still have time to Run Like a Girl!
At any rate, Happy Running!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Races Rock My World

  1. I just learned of virtual races the other week-I know, rock. I live under one.
    I really like the idea of them too!

    I trained for a 12km race by running a 5km fun run … once, then walked around my neighbourhood for a month. Yeah…I finished but thought I was going to die! In Sept. I’m running a half and have been training since November. Learned my lesson!

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