The first night run of the season: Rich and Famous Blvd.

Here is a major surprise, it is suppose to snow tomorrow. April 13 and 14 and we are to get snow and lots of it. Insert a BIG EXASPERATED SIGH right here —->

In spite of the cold and the wind, the snow is mostly gone and I thought it would be a great day for a run along the river. The sun was out and I kept thinking, “I have to go for a run! It looks so nice out!” But the thing about work is…it is work. Sure I am the boss of my own hours, but sometimes I get on a roll and don’t want to quit. That’s what is was like for me today. Great stuff poured out for my final paper and I didn’t want to stop the flow.

After dinner, I invited my trusty Steed to come for a run with me along Edmonton’s Rich and Famous Blvd. (Actually its called Saskatchewan Drive. The yards are massive and the homes are beautiful. It would not hurt my feelings at all to live there.) I typically do not want to run with anyone but it would be dark, and running in the university area alone at night isn’t the smartest. Plus, The Trusty Steed speed walks? Power walks? Race walks? Walks…every weekend here with his team so I thought he could show me a great new route. I was not disappointed. The other reason was I am concerned about my stride and my running form. I run like this:

Only without the bowling ball and I am not on my tiptoes. But I am pretty sure those are the sound effects and that is my stride length. I did a full out sprint and The Trusty Steed didn’t laugh – to his credit – but he did say it was penguin-esc.

What is the deal? I think I need to do some knee lifts to work on my stride. I don’t know. It’s weird. Perhaps as more weight comes off, the less penguin like I will run. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, knee lifts it is.

We did an out and back for 6k. The views were spectacular and I think I will head there on Sunday for my 8k long run. I will likely be able to see more in the daylight. Only this time I am going solo. That guy TALKS A LOT. He kept asking me questions so he could see how out of breath I was. I finally snapped and yelled” THIS IS WHY I NEVER ASK YOU TO COME RUNNING. STOP TALKING” Then we began to enjoy the view and the silence.



The Faculty Club at the U of A. A Dixieland Band was playing upstairs…and they still have Christmas lights up.


The view of downtown from the south side of the river.


The HUB – it is student housing and a mall. Windows open into the mall. The roof changed colours. It was kind of Chrismassy.


One of the houses on Rich and Famous WITH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I expect this from students, but not the faculty or doctors. 


It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to live here with a view of the valley. Gorgeous!


But I’d rather live here with the floor to ceiling windows and stone walls. The unending prairie view. This also would not hurt my feelings.

Can’t wait to see what this place looks like in daylight!

Happy Running!

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