I don’t recommend Frankenshoes for running, but they do add some nice height!

Have you ever run in these?



No? Why not? It is harder than it looks, that’s for sure but your legs get a really great workout. Granted, balance is tricky but it is good for core stabilization.

I kid…I kid…

Sort of…

It snowed yesterday – I KNOW! Winter is a jerk. I ranted about it here if you want the whole story. I had to run today because I am feeling better after suffering from the plague  and I need to keep up my 10% increase in distance for my 10km with my Dadeo in May. It is my first running race and to run it with my dad is a life long dream so I am super excited! Meanwhile…I need to train in Snow/Blizzards/melt/rain/sunshine. Today was an easy 3km and I wish I was faster but running in Frankenstein Shoes makes it hard.

I headed out to my usual trail behind my house. I walked towards the trail, thankful I put my cleats back on my shoes. For the record – SO SICK OF CLEATS! I am glad I wore them though, there was a lovely layer of ice under the fresh snow and that made it very slick.

Once I was at the trail, I began to run. My pace for short distances is quicker because I have figured out how fast I can go before I die. Good to know! I was a 1k in and I noticed I was getting taller. I am 5’8″ so I am a good height to begin with, but I was growing very quickly and soon I was 3 inches taller than when I left 10 minutes earlier. Weird. I looked down to find giant platform Frankenshoes under my cleats. I had picked up the soft wet snow ( did I mention that winter is being a jerk? I hate wet snow, I prefer the dry fluffy stuff) and it was building just like when you roll a snowball for snowmen or forts.

It was becoming uneven and I started running with a limp – not good – so I kicked off some snow but couldn’t free the heel up. By this time I was running now in heels. Sweet. Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw! I came to a boggy iceberg filled puddle on the trail, it was too deep even in my new heels, so I went over on the side. It was like running in muskeg. Soft, but firm – semi-frozen mucky snow covered crass. I nearly broke a heel trudging through that stuff. As I passed a bench I kicked the snow loose from my shoes and I was off again. By the time I was at my turn around, the Frankenshoes were back. I must admit, they were easier to run in than snow heels.

I am THIS 275367-stock-photo-hand-fingers-stop-discover-indicate-measure far away from buying a treadmill. You know its bad when I talk about wanting a treadmill. I ran all winter from -24C to 0C through Wind/Snow/FreezingRain and spring is so close I can taste it! All I can say is, this better be building some decent amount of character because I am not any faster. However, I am into a new pair of skinny jeans and my before and after pictures are nearly unrecognizable. So….yes… it is worth it.

Happy Running and GO HOME WINTER, YOU’RE DRUNK!collage

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