What is it like to run in normal weather? I have no idea because I am Canadian

photo 1 (7)I have exciting news! I just ran my first 5k! I now have some embarrassing news – I did it in an hour. WTF? I can walk a 5k that fast. SO FREAKING DISAPPOINTING!

First of all, I have no idea why I find that embarrassing, Good Job Me!

Secondly, I did it at my quickest pace yet. Again, Good Job Me!

Thirdly, I need to remember running outside is more complicated than running on a tread mill. My legs have never been this strong. Again, Good Job Me!

photo 2 (5)

So why does it annoy me that everyone runs faster? I don’t know but it does. Perhaps it is because I have unreal expectations. I read and follow distance runners who knock of 21k for fun in 2 hours. I run 21k in a week. Ya…so that time isn’t going to happen soon. These runners have also been at it for years. I am new. I started in earnest January. I am curious to know how I will do once spring finally arrives and I can put away the cleats, the double winter layers, the scarves and mitts and the hats.

photo 3 (4)

I wouldn’t say I ran a 5k, living in Edmonton comes with challenges. I actually did very little running out on the roads and trails. I marched through snow, slid between ice ruts, surfed over giant puddles, scooted down hills that were covered in gravel and sand, tiptoed over ice damns praying they wouldn’t crash into the running streams underneath, climbed over snow berms, tap danced on bare concrete (my cleats sound like tap shoes) and ran for less than 1km on packed snow.

Why can’t I live in a city where there is a normal spring?

Spartan Race is coming to Edmonton in June. After this springs training, I am ready. 5k and obstacles – easy peasy.

Meanwhile, I ran my furthest distance to date. I am halfway to my goal of 10k. I feel fantastic and crave running. I am almost ready to start hill training. I am saving that for spring after the sand and ice leaves, this will help me achieve speed. I am going to start fartleks  next week, once I get a few more 5k’s under my belt. I want this to become comfortable before I start a new goal.

May 26th is the day I will run the 10k in Calgary with my Dad on his birthday. I am going to be Soooooooooooooooo ready!

Bring it on!

Happy running!

5 thoughts on “What is it like to run in normal weather? I have no idea because I am Canadian

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