Oh Mo, Why did you let me do it?

Okay, I did a bad thing. I stepped on the scales. THIS WAS NOT MY INTENTION! My journey was suppose to be about health and fitness, goal setting and structure. NOT NUMBERS ON A SCALE!!!  Damit anyway!!!

The good news is I am down 47lbs since January. The bad news is, I have been hopping on and off the scale all week like a freaking jack rabbit. I have become number obsessed. My ultimate goal is to be half my size, not half my weight. There is a difference.

Half my weight would bring me to unrealistic anorexic numbers of my high school days, where I ate one muffin all day, then had dinner. Not cool. I couldn’t sustain that. It was unhealthy. I also wsn’t as active as I am now. Well…was two weeks ago. I have been put on a NO CARDIO until my pneumonia is better. That leaves Yoga. Cardio is what burns that fat off.

Half my size would mean, I would be fit. I want to be fit. I am noticing a huge difference already. I can get off the floor with greater ease than ever. Zipping around doesn’t make me tired. Hauling heavy bags of groceries is a snap! Building muscle feels fabulous. It is a much better feeling than being thin. Strong feels better.

So why did I do a stupid thing like stand on a scale? I dunno. Maybe I still need that Weight Watcher validation. I know I get asked all the time how much I have lost. I guess I wanted to have an answer. It’s not cool to say, I’m down almsot 4 bra sizes. Or I am 3 clothing sizes smaller. Or that Christmas picture Evil Genuis took of me… I don’t look like that any more. People expect a number.

So guess what? TOUGH TOENAILS PEOPLE!!! I am not stepping on the scale until my birthday. August 16th. I will step on it and see again. It won’t matter though, I will be down more clothing sizes. My Mo Journey is about a healthier me. Not necessarily and lighter me. Muscle weighs more than fat. I want to be fit, not thin. I want to run with my best friend.

I will focus on becoming fit. I will walk the half marathon. I will then set my goal to RUN a 5K. I figure after walking for 4 hours, running for 30 minutes will be a piece of cake.

Stop asking me how much I lost. Ask me how far I swam, or how many km I walked this week…then we can talk.

2 thoughts on “Oh Mo, Why did you let me do it?

  1. I used to refuse to be weighed at the doc’s office too. Have you read the book You Count Calories Don’t? By the way THIS GoalSetter agrees with RT and I’ll sick my New Yorker on anyone who doesn’t respect her demand. Dammit!

  2. Ed- I think you shoudl make your banner pictures of you.. i loved those two two posts ago. This post is not all about you, though you make think so. There are a million, trillion other people out there that need you to motivate yourself like you do….. and indirectly move them. (There is two new MO’s! Haha)
    I must admit, you are making me seriously start to reason with my nancy, about finding a few minutes to squeeze a walk/run/vomit/die moment in. (You can see why i havent yet?)
    mmwaah. xx

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