Wait for Me Mo!

It happened today.

Mo(mentum) is carrying me away long before I think I am ready. What does that mean you may ask? WELL, let me tell you!

I started my official Running Room 1/2 marathon Clinic last Tuesday. I have been walking and prepping myself to walk the 1/2 on August 21, 2011 here in Edmonton. Mentally I was sure it would be no problem. The problem turns out to be…How far is 21K anyways? That doesn’t sound so bad. I am sure I can do it. I’ll go to the classes, train with the group of women wo are mid 30’s to mid 50’s. I fit right in. I am larger than they are. That’s not a problem, I am slimming down everyday. By the time August rolls around, I am sure I will be another 2 sizes down, hopeful 3.

I show up Tuesday, sat through the class then went out for an “easy 4k”. Doable! 11min per K pace. Not great but I know that will improve. Then I was given the curriculum. HOLE LEE CRAP! 7K is needed on Sunday. For a total of 20k since Tuesday. That is almost the race itself! Seeing the distance on paper messed with my head. I had a mental blip that went “are you freaking kidding me?” The Bronx Turtle calls that voice the tool. Up until this morning I never really understood what that voice could do to your mental state of being. I decided to call mine Nancy, as in Negative Nancy. That way I can tell her to shut up every now and then or maybe leave her at home with a sitter.

This morning, I was scheduled to do a light walk at a moderate pace for 3K. Not a problem. I did it on Wednesday AND swam afterwards. It was a piece of cake. However, this is what I learned about me:

  1. I hate mornings
  2. I am recovering from pneumonia and have to stop every block to cough up a lung
  3. 3k in the wind feels far
  4. I hate mornings

The good news is, in SPITE of Nancy yapping in my ear, I did finish. Far from the 11k pace I am use to. But I DID finish. Tomorrow is my long walk of 7K with the team. I have never walked that far without a destination. I have my Nike+ GPS app to help keep me motivated. I have my team mates who also help. I have my goal of the finish line in my head. I can do it. The goal is to finish. Not to finish fast.

So wait up Mo, I’m coming!!!!

1 thought on “Wait for Me Mo!

  1. It is far- very far! Very proud of you. The swimmimng must help so much…..swimming is hard- so building your stamina nicely. August is still 2 and a bit months to go. I think you will be ready. On the other hand, i have nancy in my head everytiem i think of anything cardio like. I need to deal with that!

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