Mo Held My Hand

Mo and I took a little fantasy trip. We went dancing on NYE, while Mo sang in my ear. We looked fabulous. I find I need to keep these visuals alive in my head to keep me focused and on track. Not that anything has really started yet, but I need to get my head in the game.

Today was THE APPOINTMENT. I walked in Docs office and he joined me a few moments later. He inquired about my previous visit and wanted to know if everything was groovy. I said it was improving but that was not why I was there. He smiled and replied, Oh really?

Really. I asked for a Referral to the Weight Wise Clinic. He informed he had never sent anyone there before because his patients usually ask for surgery instead. He was concerned about people who go the surgery without any treatment. Apparently, many people who get gastric bypass surgery either gain the weight back, become alcoholics develop a serious gambling problem.


I know I have addiction problems. He said it tends to be a genetic thing. Well no kidding. I see the effects on both sides of my family. Not just food addictions, but smoking, drinking and I am sure gambling somewhere along the lines.

I’m not looking for surgery. In fact I hope I don’t require it. I know that is part of the possible outcome. From my understanding, there is psychological treatment as well. This maybe all I need – who are we kidding, I need it all and Mo was there to see me through it. Mo hid in my backbone, held my hand and offered information while I rather just hide. Doc was great. He was supportive, encouraging and was eager to know what I thought of the program. His gal Friday is going to make all the referrals and give me a call later this week to let me know what the time-line is going to be. She will let me know what I need to do. I must admit I am nervous.

Nervous. Interesting. All the  thousands of times I entered a gym, pool, diet shop, and not once was I nervous. The right frame of mind gets you to lose a bit of weight. But nerves, now that is something different.  Maybe this time it is the real deal.

3 thoughts on “Mo Held My Hand

  1. Ed- I have a friend who had a gastric bypass. She has lost weight! Lots! However she can not eat anything! That may sound awesome, however if she goes to a restaurant with her man, she can’t order what she wants in a “taster” portion. So she literally has two bites, and the plate is moved to her husband’s side of the table. Consequently he has put on the weight she has lost. Now, they dont go out anymore. No more date nights….. And she no longer can stomach to cook him a meal everynight. Considering that she does not work, and spends the day at home- he expects to come home to dinner. Imagine that ripple effect. In fact, divorce has become a part of their daily vocab.
    Have no doubt, i am super super proud of you! Remember though that your end result is not to make food the enemy, but to be able to find the balance. I dont want to sound like I think i know everything- because i certainly dont. But i want you to know that even half way across the world- you have the support that you want and need!
    So smile. This is going to be exciting! 2011 is YOUR year!

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